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Warcraft 3 Review (Many years too late!)

Posted by carboninmahbrains on July 7, 2008

Warcraft 3, Reign of Chaos. Most all fans of the RTS genre have at least looked at this game, but looking is not nearly enough. It has been an astounding length of time since its initial inception to this day, at least in the gaming industry, and it is still going on strong.

Art Direction and Style; 17 points.

Though I adore the colours and the amusing big-handed way Blizzard animated this game, it could have easily attempted at a grittier, more mature look. Still, it is memorable, so 17 points.

Setting; 10 points.

Who CAN’T love Azeroth? The writers put so much effort into this game, it’s incredible. Though at first, Warcraft was just a ‘Blood thirsty horde’ versus ‘honourable alliance’ game, this instalment has added depth to once two-dimensional characters (in more ways than one!).

Gameplay; 26 points.

Simple, dynamic, playable. These three words just about sum up the entire game. Though there are a few little wrinkles that could have been ironed out, they don’t detract in any major way from the overall playability of the game.

Sound; 9 points.

With a unique soundtrack and great voice acting, there is little to be desired from Warcraft 3. Besides, where else will you be able to hear the sounds of Sheep Exploding?

Story; 29 points.

Now this is the strongest point of the game. There is almost nothing wrong with the overall plot and development, and I must say I would have loved this story whether or not it was in game form.


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